Rac Women is a vibrant and dynamic platform committed to empowering women in their fitness journeys. Founded with the vision of creating a resource-rich space, Rac Women is dedicated to providing expert fitness advice, workout tips, and comprehensive gear reviews, all tailored specifically for women. Understanding the uniqueness of each woman’s fitness path, Rac Women offers curated guides that encompass the best exercises, gym equipment, and nutritional strategies to help every woman, whether a beginner or a seasoned athlete, achieve her fitness goals.

The essence of Rac Women lies not just in the provision of information but in fostering motivation and empowerment. Covering a diverse range of topics from toning exercises to pregnancy workouts, the platform ensures that women have access to all the necessary resources for a successful fitness journey. Committed to quality and relevance, Rac Women continuously updates its content to reflect the latest and most effective fitness trends. Beyond this, the platform nurtures a welcoming and inclusive community, encouraging women to share their experiences and triumphs, and find support among like-minded individuals. At Rac Women, every woman’s fitness journey is a shared passion, and the platform stands as a testament to the power of fitness in unlocking extraordinary potential.

Our Team

Ellen Crandall (Owner – Marketing Manager)

Ellen Crandall

Personal Email: [email protected]

Ellen Crandall’s journey to becoming the owner and marketing manager of Rac Women is a story of passion, dedication, and a deep commitment to women’s fitness and empowerment. Ellen’s interest in fitness began in her early years, where she found both joy and challenge in various physical activities. This early love for fitness grew into a lifelong pursuit, leading her to explore different aspects of health and wellness.

Her professional journey started in marketing, where she honed her skills in communication and brand development. Ellen quickly realized that she could combine her marketing expertise with her passion for fitness. This realization was the seed that eventually grew into Rac Women. Ellen’s vision for Rac Women was clear from the start: to create a platform that not only provided practical fitness advice and resources but also fostered a supportive community for women.

Gerda Villasenor (Content Editor)

Gerda Villasenor

Personal Email: [email protected]

Gerda Villasenor, the Content Editor of Rac Women, brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to the platform. With a background in journalism and a personal interest in health and wellness, Gerda has been instrumental in shaping the voice and content strategy of Rac Women. Her journey into the world of fitness content began during her college years, where she majored in journalism and discovered her knack for storytelling and content creation. Gerda’s interest in fitness and wellness grew as she explored various aspects of healthy living, from nutrition to exercise routines, making her a perfect fit for Rac Women.

At Rac Women, Gerda’s role goes beyond mere editing; she is the curator of information and inspiration. She meticulously oversees the creation and curation of content, ensuring that each article, guide, and resource reflects the brand’s commitment to empowering women in their fitness journeys. Gerda’s approach to content is holistic – she believes in providing information that is not only accurate and practical but also motivating and relatable. Her editorial direction has helped Rac Women become a trusted and go-to source for women seeking guidance and inspiration in their fitness and wellness paths. Under her editorial leadership, Rac Women’s content resonates with authenticity and expertise, making it a valuable resource for its community.