High Intensity Interval Training using TRX battle ropes and kettlebells


Kettlebell is a high intensity/ballistic workout to help meet your toughest fitness goals. It combines functional, compound exercises such as the swing, clean and press that will work multiple muscle groups. You will develop strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning through this ultimate “momentum based” workout. Kettlebell small group training is a fun and high energy option at the RAC!

Power 30

Our phenomenal Small Group Training classes in half the time!! Using TRX, BOSU, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Battleropes and many other toys these 30 minute sessions will definitely kick your butt.

Power 30 Advanced Kettlebell

This class is intended for Power 30 clients with prior kettlebell experience.  Please see trainer prior to attending this session!

Power 30 Core

Spend 30 minutes dedicated to increasing core strength while developing your ability to perform pilates movements using suspension training.  Each session will include a warm up, a power/strength/balance segment and a cool down/stretching segment, all of these to include suspending a portion of the body!

Power 30 ELITE

A more physically demanding version of our Power 30, these sessions offer less form correction and are intended for more advanced Power 30 members looking for a challenging addition to their program!

Power 30 Flow

This class will challenge your through the use of the TRX straps to move through a fusion of strength, power and yoga inspired movements to strengthen and lengthen your muscles and build endurance and flexibility.  Come and check out this format to jump start your morning or your weekend!

Power 30 Functional Training Intro

Learn how you can begin to use TRX training, battle ropes and kettlebells to redefine your workout and expand your knowledge about what an amazing piece of equipment your body can be.  Using a variety of techniques and approaches to exercise and fitness including interval training, high intensity interval training and metabolic conditioning, we will work together to give you a personalized workout with a group, while having the chance to build camaraderie and relationships with other women.  This group will provide a foundation of skill for each of these pieces of equipment that will leave you wanting more!

Power 30 Gravity

This class is a vigorous combination of kettle bell and suspension work done in a station style format!  Designed to keep the heart rate up while increasing strength and endurance, you'll definitely work your muscles in new ways!!

Power 30 Gravity Barre

This session will challenge your core while sculpting lean muscle implementing an exciting blend of classical Barre movements with TRX suspension straps!  Suitable for all and a must try! 

Power 30 Kettlebell

Our kettlebell sessions will help you increase cardiovascular and muscle endurance as you learn how to correctly implement this awesome training tool into your fitness regimen.

Power 30 Seniors

Our Power 30 Senior classes are perfect for working through exercises to improve day to day activities, build balance, prevent injury and put you on the path to leading a long and healthy life!


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