Investing in one of the best exercise bikes under 500 on the market is an excellent way to stay in shape at home, whether you’re an avid cyclist looking to train on cold, wet days or a complete beginner looking to get into shape. They’re typically cheaper and more portable than other types of home cardio machines (such as treadmills and rowers), and they allow for a greater variety of cardiovascular workouts.

The exercise bike is a well-known piece of cardiovascular machinery that is commonly simple to operate and maintain. Exercise on bicycles is a low-impact aerobic workout that can help to build muscle in the legs and buttocks while also improving overall fitness.

Here are some of the best exercise bikes under £500 for your home in 2021:

Dripex Magnetic Resistance Indoor Exercise Bike

The Dripex Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike is an affordable addition to your home gym. The flywheel is heavy to help you get the most out of your workout. It’s possible to customise the intensity of your workout thanks to the magnetic resistance’s wide range of settings. It is also tranquil, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your loved ones or neighbours.







Check Price | £199.99*

Brand Dripex
Colour Blue
Item Weight 31kg 
Resistance Mechanism Magnetic
Material  Alloy Steel
Power Source  Battery Powered 
Maximum Weight 300 Pounds
Drive System  Belt

JLL JF600 PRO Exercise Bike For Home

It is effortless to adjust the intensity of your workout on the JLL Exercise Bike, which has electronic magnetic resistance built-in. In addition to tracking your time and calories, you can also track your distance and other stats. Also available on the screen are 12 different workout programmes that you can choose from. Additional comfort is provided by adjusting the height of the seat. Additionally, you can fasten the foot straps to ensure a more regular workout.







Check Price | £419.99*

Brand JLL Fitness
Colour Black and Silver 
Item Dimension  147 x 52.50 x 113 cm
Item Weight 37.5kg 
Resistance Mechanism Magnetic
Material  Alloy Steel
Power Source  Mains  
Maximum Weight 135kg

EXERPEUTIC Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

The Exerpeutic best exercise bike under 500 is constructed of solid steel and weighs 181 kg. The magnetic tension can be adjusted to eight different levels, allowing the users to modify their workout. The seat cushion is large and comfortable, which enhances your experience. Because it takes up so little space, it is excellent for storage.







Check Price | £299.00*

Brand Exerpeutic
Colour Gold
Item Dimension  99.1 x 67.1 x 122.9 cm
Maximum Height 57.5 Inches
Minimum Height 146cm
Material  Alloy Steel
Power Source  Corded Electric
Item Weight 51.6 Pounds 

Sportstech Exercise Bike ESX500

The Sportstech ESX500 best exercise bike under 500 is a brand new and cutting-edge ergometer that allows users to benefit from more efficient workouts. Additionally, the bike has 12 built-in programmes from which you can select the one that best suits your fitness needs. A controlled magnetic brake system allows you to come to a complete stop at any time while remaining secure and safe.







Check Price | £210.00*

Brand Sportstech
Colour Grey/Black
Item Dimension  99.4 x 52.2x 132.1 cm
Maximum Height 1321 Millimetres
Minimum Height 68.5cm
Resistance Mechanism  Magnetic
Power Source  Battery Powered
Maximum Weight 120kg
Number of resistance level 16
Drive System Belt

WeRSports® Exercise Bike Aerobic Training Cycle

This best exercise bike under 500 is fantastic if you’re trying to put together a more advanced home gym setup. It is a stable piece of equipment that is also very convenient to store since it takes up little space. Additionally, if you need to stop training immediately, the emergency stop system can assist you in regulating your movement.

Make a note of the display to see all your fitness metrics – time, distance, and calories – and keep track of it.







Check Price | £199.00*

Brand Wer Sports
Colour Black
Item Dimension  108 x 53 x 124 cm
Maximum Height 124cm
Item Weight 30kg
Material  Alloy Steel 
Power Source  Battery Powered
Maximum Weight 120kg
Drive System Chain

KASMET Exercise Bike

Despite its lightweight design, the KASMET Exercise Bike is exceptionally stable and comfortable to ride. It gives you a sense of safety while you are riding your bike. Adjustable position and intensity allow you to customise the workout to meet your specific fitness goals. It is highly durable due to the solid metal frame, making it a preferable option.







Check Price | £349.99*

Colour White/Orange
Item Dimension  105 x 50 x 108 cm
Maximum Height 87cm
Minimum Height 76cm
Item Weight 26kg
Material  Metal
Power Source  Battery Powered
Maximum Weight 120kg
Drive System Belt

PROIRON Folding Exercise Bike

The 2-in-1 upright and best exercise bike under 500 is the ideal home workout bike for any fitness enthusiast. It provides you with the option of a high-intensity workout in a good position or a more relaxing exercise in a recumbent position, depending on your choice. There is a maximum weight capacity of 120 kgs. The cushioned and 6-level adjustable seat ensures a comfortable ride in the most comfortable sitting position possible. The design of the backrest is ergonomic and comfortable, and it fully protects the waist and back. By adjusting the belts of the pedals, anyone can easily find the optimal foot position.

The 8-level adjustable magnetic tension control system allows you to tailor your exercise bike routine to meet your individual needs. The smooth and quiet ride is possible by the precision-balanced flywheel. It can increase your power without increasing your noise levels. The system also includes resistance band tubes for a more intense arm workout.







Check Price | £259.99*

Item Dimension  72 x 42 x 113.5 cm
Maximum Height 1390 Millimetres
Minimum Height 1020 Millimetres
Item Weight 17.5kg
Resistance Mechanism  Magnetic
Power Source  Battery Powered
Number of resistance levels 8

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike

The seat on this best exercise bike under 500 is entirely adjustable, accommodating a wide range of users. To achieve the best results, put your legs at a comfortable distance. This device has an LCD screen that detects your speed, range, time, and calories burned. It is also waterproof.

The magnetic wheel is supported by an 8-preset tension-adjustment knob that allows you to quickly and easily change the intensity of your workout. This provides a smooth pedal feeling, resulting in an excellent biking adventure.







Check Price | £209.01*

Brand Marcy
Colour Black
Item Dimension  132.1 x 63.5 x 96.5 cm
Maximum Weight 300 Pounds
Item Weight 41 Pounds 
Resistance Mechanism Magnetic 

Wowspeed Folding Exercise Bike

The Wowspeed Folding Exercise Bike provides a smooth and silent ride for its users. You can track your fitness metrics and stay in shape with the bike’s digital screen built into the frame. Additionally, the bike has an eight-level magnetic resistance system that allows you to customise your workout intensity.







Check Price | £189.00*

Brand Wowspeed
Style 2-in-1 
Number of resistance  8

LONTEK Exercise Bike Foldable

The LONTEK Exercise Bike is extremely easy to store and takes up very little space. It also comes with transport wheels, making it simple to move the bike to the desired location when needed. It has magnetic resistance, which allows you to customise your workout to meet your specific fitness needs. Furthermore, the cushions are incredibly soft, allowing you to rest your back while training.







Check Price | £280.00*

Brand UMAY 
Item Dimension 96 x 43 x 119 cm
Item Weight 18.5kg
Resistance Mechanism  Magnetic
Material  Alloy Steel
Power Source Battery Powered
Maximum Weight 120kg

Ultrasport F-Bike

The Ultrasport F-Bike is a fantastic piece of home gym equipment to have. It has an adjustable resistance, which allows you to control the intensity of your workout. However, the LCD is most useful for tracking fitness progress and other important metrics.







Check Price | £118.35*

Brand Ultrasport
Colour Black
Item Dimension 117.5 x 40 x 21 cm
Item Weight 14kg
Maximum Height 112cm
Minimum Height 83cm
Material  Metal
Power Source Battery Powered
Maximum Weight 100kg